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I am Ajitesh Tiwari.

Engineer + Developer + Programmer + Artist + ..


I am a passionate Computer Engineer, full-stack developer and Java enthusiast with substantial years of experience. I have good problem solving skills and want to solve complex real world problems. I love to work on new technologies and enhance my skill set.

Colleagues know me as a highly creative and smart working developer who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. I can (and often do) work well alone, but I’m at my best collaborating with others.

Work Experience

Currently, I am working as a full-stack polyglot developer at Mr. Cooper. We build user friendly, reliable and responsive applications for our customers by using advanced technologies and tools.



Android application built using Gradle App Engine plugin as backend and hosted on Google Play Store. Includes both free and paid flavors along with multi project build configuration to compile multiple libraries.

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Stock hawk

Android application build using Yahoo Finance API and hosted on Google Play Store. Displays stock information including a graph with zoom capabilities supporting English, Arabic ( RTL ) and Hindi language. Application is accessible to sight-impaired users using Google Talkback and also includes a widget.

Playstore Project Page
Popular Movies

Android application build using The Movie Database ( TMDb ) API and hosted on Google Play Store. Displays 'Most Popular' and 'Top Rated' movies along with details ( Plot, Rating, Reviews, Trailers, etc. ). Supports Multi Pane tablet view and sharing of movies on other platforms.

Playstore Project Page


How much I have paid to Uber?

Scrape Uber's ride history using selenium and chrome web driver. Then use google colabs to find some answers from that data, like how much have you paid to Uber?

Go functional with Java

Lambda is a function which acts like an object. Can be passed anywhere. Can be executed whenever needed. Can be defined in a single line. Can be created without a class. And much more. It helps to remove a lot of boilerplate code previously required by Java.

Java 9 Flow API

Flow API is Java's official support for Reactive Streams Specification. It is a combination of both Iterator(Pull) and Observer(Push) patterns.